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Blog or Article Writing or Ghostwriting

$22 (USD)

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Are you crunched for time but needing to keep content flowing on your site?

I can help! Let me know your content, all writing includes research or brand lead research.

Branding your companies article to the SEO you want helps target your website to the correct consumers immensely and helps earn your company more leads.

Here I will help write an article that helps showcase your brand!

Below are some of the benefits of choosing me:

High-attention to detail writing
Unlimited revisions
Source research and citations are included
Complete copyright and ownership
On-time delivery
Formats provided for handover: PDF, .docx, .docs, Google Documents

Got a question? Please send me a message!

Let me know if there is any information you have ready such as:

Describe your product, target audience and industry. ...
Describe your brand values. ...
Provide your company name and content structure. ...
Provide your company slogan or goals (if needed) ...
Express what content type and genre you need. ...
Tone and voice style of the current brand articles ...
Color style and design of the blog (if needed). ...
Inspiration (e.g. mood board)

Blogs can be written APA style with SEO or in a natural tone of voice or with both!

Let me know your post needs.

Tone; Conversational; Professional/Formal
Topic; Marketing, Other'
Article type; Informational, Promotional, Other

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