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I started writing as a skill to cultivate in hopes of reaching a large audience a couple of years ago. Over these two years, I have polished my inborn talent of written communication while also developing a writing style that is unique to me and my voice. Typically when I am writing for my own purposes I am writing to positively impact others through messages of encouragement and hope. I have also written papers in a research paper format. What I mean by research paper format is not the outline of the paper but rather the style of voice I write in to deliver the information. I am open to writing anything that requires persuasion. When I was in highschool I wrote a persuasive paper that was 100% accurate in the requirements of a paper being persuasive. I am very skilled in delivering a message that encourages an emotional response intended to guide the behavior of the reader. I am also open to writing any sort of content that is solely informative concerning topics I would have to research. I would hope that what I am researching is interesting to me. Other than those two types of content, I'm open to suggestions of people who reach out with hopes that I will help them.

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