Elden Ring Player Takes 15 Hours to Beat Final Boss

An Elden Ring player gets control for 15 hours to conquer the final boss because they finish the sport in probably the most ridiculous possible way

An Elden Ring Runes player gets control for 15 hours to conquer the final boss because they finish the sport in probably the most ridiculous possible way.

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An Elden Ring player took a fantastic 15 hours to conquer the game's final boss. While Elden Ring has been said to be more approachable than FromSoftware’s other titles, it’s still an incredibly hard game.

Despite its difficulty, quite a few users have completed Elden Ring in unique methods and put some restrictions upon the playthrough to really make it even more challenging. As an example, an Elden Ring player beat the sport without ever leveling up, whilst starting with arguably the worst class in the sport. Now, another Elden Ring fan has been able to finish the sport in probably the most ridiculous possible way, also it took them over 15 hours to conquer the final boss.

A Reddit user named Unfair-Background-15 has now beaten Elden Ring in an unusual manner because they finished the sport by doing merely a single point of damage. The player gets control five hours to defeat Radagon, also it takes them a lot more than 15 hours to conquer the Elden Beast by using this tactic. As observed in the video, Unfair-Background-15 is simply rolling into enemies, doing 1 damage with every hit, and also the user continues to be sharing their fights with the boss for a while.

In April 2023, Unfair-Background-15 uploaded a relevant video of how they defeated Morgott in Elden Ring by doing 1 damage on every roll, also it took them over eight hours to conquer the boss. The player has detailed the process in the comments portion of both posts, confirming they have equipped 1 bit of the Briar armor set, that allows them to inflict 1 damage upon rolling.

While many Elden Ring fans have defeated its final boss in unusual ways, the process utilized by Unfair-Background-15 is among the most time-consuming of all of them. The player confirms it took them around 400 hours to accomplish the playthrough by using this method, using the fight from the Fire Giant in Elden Ring overtaking 40 hours across all attempts.

Many gamers within the comments section commend Unfair-Background-15 for finishing Elden Ring in this manner, also it looks like users happen to be following their attempts for quite a while. A lot of players also wonder what’s next for Unfair-Background-15, as users are interested in other ridiculous ways they might beat cheap elden ring runes. Overall, the post is stuffed with players congratulating Unfair-Background-15 and commenting on the incredible degree of patience.

Elden Ring can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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