What Are Mystery Slot Bonuses?

Mystery slots provide an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for players of all types. This engaging video slot features various real money prizes as well as several special features that make this game memorable.

Red Tiger's non-progressive slot game with an eerie dark magic atmosphere and Houdini-esque visuals features a cluster pays system instead of paylines to increase chances of big cluster wins. There are even Mystery symbols which mark their position to increase cluster win chances further.

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Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are unique symbols that activate bonus rounds such as mini games or free spins features, typically with specific payout values and no need to follow payline rules when landing on the game grid. Some scatters also come equipped with multiplier wilds, colossal wilds and symbol transformation features to increase winning potential and provide engaging gameplay experiences.

Scatter symbols vary by slot game; weapon scatters can lead to multiplier awards while room scatters provide free spins. Clue Cash Mystery features both weapon and room scatters that offer bonuses; weapon scatters offer multiple multipliers while room scatters unlock free spins.

Other frequently occurring scatter symbols include Wilds, which act as replacement symbols in win lines and display multiplier values such as 2x or 3x multipliers for an increase in payout. You'll often find these wilds featured in modern slots; sometimes there will even be multiple wild positions across a reel displaying this feature! You might also encounter stacked wilds which cover more than one position on each reel!

Bonus rounds

Mystery slot bonuses are unique features found in some slots that can be activated randomly. They differ from traditional bonus features in that they do not require specific symbols to appear on the reels in order to start them; some mysteries bonus rounds begin only after wagering a specific amount has taken place; while others based on spin count may start when certain criteria is met.

Software providers are continually looking for ways to engage players and keep them interested with their games, one way of which is adding special bonus features such as mystery bonuses. Mystery bonuses are particularly engaging as they can be randomly activated from within games themselves or arcade-style bonus events; bonus features could range from game within game activities such as "hide and seek" to arcade-style bonus events; these features may even prove lucrative and exciting to play - China Mystery offers several such events where three or more golden turtles appear on any payline to award you with prizes while Pink Lantern, Ceramic Pots or Golden writing symbols can activate bigger payouts!

Payback percentages

Mystery slot's payback percentage is not fixed; rather, its odds of hitting certain awards are designed to yield a targeted percentage over hundreds of thousands of spins, creating feast or famine moments - more dead spins followed by big wins.

These games can also surprise players by suddenly launching at any moment, with fanfares sounding, drums rolling and one of five fish dropping from an underwater scene in the top box into a fish bowl on the main screen to initiate an exciting bonus event - either randomly or when reaching certain amounts in jackpot or prize pools.

These games are created to engage players by offering various themes and bonus rounds, compatible with all operating systems and devices, and boasting various features that help increase winning potential. Plus, free mode play gives you the opportunity to test these out before committing real money to real gambling!


Wherever you live - England, Canada, Australia or New Zealand - regulations and laws determine how much of a jackpot prize you are entitled to win when playing Mystery slot games. These rules are determined by your country's gambling and slots gaming authority. There are also regulations and laws which set how much per spin can be spent per spin; your spending amounts determine how many paylines are available and ultimately your chances of success increase when more paylines are activated simultaneously.

If you enjoy mystery, Mystery Museum online slot is an exciting game. Set in an actual museum setting and featuring artefacts from different cultures - Ancient Egypt, Greece and Japan among them - its Mystery Symbol feature offers another great bonus to increase the chances of forming wins.

Low-key design and square-shaped command buttons give this game an air of nostalgia for players who have previously experienced real money games, while its easy learning and playing system make it accessible for newcomers as well.


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