Assignmento Affiliate Program

Assignmento cordially welcomes Assignmento Affiliates. Assignmento is empowering over 1M Skillful Freelancers and Businesses. Join your hands in the mission to eradicate unemployment. Empower your local communities by guiding individuals who are suffering from unemployment. Let's grow together by making a positive impact on society.


⚡ Your positive influence on society would make you a valuable person to society.
⚡ Grow your marketing skills as a Professional Assignmento Affiliate.
⚡ Get 20% commissions when your affiliates purchase something. i.e. Membership Plan.
⚡ Help others in getting employment and become a resource to your connections.


⭐ Helping people to grow their careers at Assignmento.
⭐ Spreading awareness about Assignmento and its impact on people's lives.
⭐ Inviting and guiding others to be Assignmento Affiliate Program.

How to be an Assignmento Affiliate?

1️⃣ Sign Up at
Visit this link to sign up:

2️⃣ Login to your account
Visit this link to log in:

3️⃣ Go to settings and navigate to Affiliate Tab
Click this link to directly navigate to the affiliate page: you will find your affiliate link.

4️⃣ Copy your affiliate link
You will be using your affiliate link to invite people.

5️⃣ Congratulations on becoming Assignmento Affiliate
Welcome to the Assignmento Family. We are a team of dedicated people who are on the mission to eradicate unemployment by providing various opportunities to the people who have eager to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Assignmento?
Assignmento is a freelancing platform and social media network of professionals empowering over 1M Skillful Freelancers and Businesses. Assignmento is on the mission to eradicate unemployment by creating opportunities for individuals who are suffering from unemployment and want to grow their careers.
Learn more at

Why Freelancers and Businesses should prefer Assignmento?
Freelancers and Businesses are preferring Assignmento due to a lot of reasons.

  1. Scam-free community due to profile verification with Govt. issued ID Card.
  2. Trusted and verified profiles.
  3. No deduction or tax on success.
  4. Listing services or products in Marketplace at Assignmento brings organic reach from the world's top search engines. i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing
  5. Writing a blog about your service at Assignmento indexes within 24 hours that brings organic reach from the world's top search engines. i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing
  6. All the above features are totally free and will always be.

Is Assignmento similar to Fiverr and Upwork?
Assignmento is more than a freelancing platform. It's primarily a social media network where professionals connect to grow the business. Assignmento offers many extended features to provide more exposure to the personal branding of Freelancer's Profile. Assignmento does not deduct any charges on Freelancer or Business Success.

Who could be interested to join Assignmento?
You may invite Freelancers, Businesses, Employers, and Job Seekers to Assignmento using your referral link. You may share your affiliate link with the people who are looking for jobs and also with the people who are looking for people to work.

Where Affiliates can find potential leads?
You may find potential leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, and SnackVideo. Influencers can make a great impact due to a lot of fan following. Furthermore, you may announce in different Freelancing groups on Facebook about assignments and educate people to grow via Assignmento.

Note: You'll get 20% money as a reward when your affiliates make a purchase at Assignmento. For example, if your affiliates collectively make $1K, then $200 will be transferred into your account instantly.